The name Home Rule is a callback to the cultural and political history of  DC. The podcast is about centering native and local experts, activists and thought leaders to share, discuss and expand our vision of what this great city, and future state, can be.

Episode 1: CR Gibbs, Historian

Historian C.R. Gibbs, author of Remembering Black Georgetown, joins the show to drop knowledge on the racial history of Georgetown and DC and draw parallels between the past, present and future.

Episode 2: Daníel del Pielago, Organizing Director, Empower DC

Daniel del Pielago, Organizing Director of Empower DC, an organization battling for housing equity and justice across the District, hops on Home Rule to discuss housing, which is simultaneously under the stressors of gentrification, systemic lack of investment and a pandemic induced economic crisis.

Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz is an associate professor at GWU’s Milken Institute of Public Health, who focuses on social determinants of health, and community health disparities within the realm of infectious disease. Lately, his work has centered around COVID-19’s impact on minority communities.

ANC2F Candidates Alexandra Bailey, Michelle Yan, Rehana Mohammed and Sherene Joseph hop on Home Rule to discuss their campaigns and outlook for their slice of Ward 2.

Shireen Shakouri, subject matter expert on reproductive justice, links up with Home Rule to discuss reproductive health disparities, the outlook on abortion access and rights and how reproductive justice is a DC Statehood issue.

Today we’re diving into Municipal Broadband–which has started to gain some traction as an idea here in DC as a result of the pandemic forcing many aspects of life to go remote. Internet access is an intersectional equity issue, with Black and Latinx households often lacking high-speed internet service. To discuss, we’re joined by Dana Floberg, Policy Manager at Free Press Action, and subject matter expert on broadband access and affordability.