Martín needs at least 150 signatures from Ward 2 voters to appear on the ballot in November.  If you are a registered voter in Ward 2 and would like to support his petition for the ballot, follow the instructions below!

1. Print a copy of the Nominating Petition

If you do not have access to a printer, email us at info@martinforward2.com and we will get you a form!



2. Sign your Name & Address 

Write your name and address, then sign and date the petition. Some rules for signees:

3. Spread the Word!

Please circulate the petition to others (Optional) If you have friends, family or neighbors who are eligible to sign, collect their signatures too!

4. Sign the Circulator’s Affidavit

Please complete and sign the affidavit at the bottom of the petition page (see below!)

This affirms that you witnessed the signatures on the petition. The Board of Elections allows you to be the witness for your own signature. Please complete all the required fields, including your address, name, phone number and signature.

5. Send it back our way!

Please send the form back to us! Once you’ve completed and signed the form and the affidavit at the bottom, send it back over to us. Scan the completed form or take a high-quality photo to submit and email the pdf or photo to info@martinforward2.com